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Therapy for Major Life Changes

"Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards".


Could therapy help you?

Life is full of uncertainty, and significant life changes can create anxiety, depression and stress. Whether you are having a new baby, making changes in your career, going through a breakdown of a relationship, dealing with the death of a loved one, or changes to your physical health, therapy can provide you with the skills and resilience to weather the new changes in your life.

Therapy with Cristalle can help you:

  • Stay feeling balanced and in control when life feels out of control
  • Deal with the grief and loss that comes with change
  • Create space to process the changes in your life
  • Learn a new identity or rediscover your sense of self

Here are some quick tips you can try to start working through a problem caused by a major life change:

1. Be compassionate towards your thoughts and feelings

Acknowledge and accept that significant life changes are often incredibly stressful and traumatic; all your thoughts and feelings are valid. Allowing yourself to feel and greeting your feelings with compassion and acceptance will ultimately give you more resilience, clarity and emotional intelligence.

2. Express those feelings

Whether it’s speaking to someone you trust, a safe friend or a therapist, writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal or putting your emotions into something creative like drawing or painting, it’s a great idea to find a way that suits you to express your thoughts and feelings. They are all natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Hold space for gratitude 

It’s easy to fall into a deep depression when you experience any loss that comes with major life changes. . While it’s good to work through those feelings and not shy away from them, it’s also a good idea to refocus your attention on what is positive in your life when your feelings become overwhelming. What are you grateful for today? Which parts of your life bring you joy and make you feel fortunate to have them? 

4. Take care of yourself like you would your own child

It’s easy to put self care at the bottom of the list of priorities when you can’t face the world – but looking after yourself physically and mentally is vital for you to recover from a big loss. Even if it’s just making sure you wash every day, make yourself a healthy meal – remember you still need taken care of and allow yourself the time to do that. 

Do I need therapy?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you recently been made redundant and feeling anxious over your next move? Have you lost someone you love and feel overwhelmed with grief and fear? If so then therapy with Cristalle can help you during this challenging stage through offering support, compassion, and helping you to work through your emotions and thoughts. Cristalle can help you to cope with the changes and uncertainty in your life as well as process the grief and loss.

Common major life transitions can include:

  • Redundancy
  • Health diagnosis
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Moving house
  • Divorce
  • Career changes

What to do if you’re are going through a major life transition

  • Find the right support network for yourself. Reach out for help and speak to friends and family about what you are going through if it feels safe enough.
  • Reach out to a therapist who can provide a compassionate and safe environment to process these changes
  • Journaling can help you process the significant events in your life and help you tune into your emotional responses.
  • Meditation can give you some much needed calm and clarity when life feels overwhelming.