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How to get started with therapy

Therapy can feel like a really big step to take – but taking that leap of faith and getting a professional therapist could be exactly what you need to take to gain more confidence, feel happier and overcome big obstacles you may be facing.

Sometimes there’s just no replacement for an unbiased professional therapist to listen, help you ask yourself the right questions and find the right tools and strategies to help you unburden your mind.

All you need to do to is call me directly on 07961 842709 or contact me using this form.

From there you can book a consultation session for a time that suits you.

What does a consultation session involve?

A consultation lasts for 50 minutes and is an opportunity for me to establish what you need from therapy. 

I will ask things like:

  • What’s brought you to therapy?
  • Have you tried therapy before?
  • What are you hoping to get out of therapy?

I will then talk to you about the ways therapy could help you, my style of psychotherapy and I will offer you a chance to ask any question you might have.

Don’t panic

There is no obligation to book with me, or any other therapist, after getting in touch so don’t worry about calling if you’re still unsure if therapy might be the right solution for you.