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Depression Counselling

"But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer."

Victor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning

Could depression counselling help you?

Depression counselling with Cristalle aims to get to the root cause of your depression.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from your feelings and emotions, Cristalle will work with you to alleviate your suffering and get you back in touch with how you are feeling in a more manageable way.

No two people are the same, and because of this, Cristalle will work with you to discover how you have reached this point in your life and how to alleviate the debilitating experience of depression so you can feel brighter, lighter and more resilient.

Depression counselling with Cristalle can help you:

  • Feel less alone with your suffering
  • Find tools and strategies to help you alleviate your physical and emotional symptoms
  • Learn how to face the future with confidence and clarity
  • Get back to enjoying your life again
  • Heal from past traumas that may have led to your depression


Here are 3 tips you can try to ease your depression today:

Do I have depression?

No matter who you are, you will have experienced low mood at some point in your life. Depression becomes problematic when the depressed mood lasts for many days and is having a debilitating impact on your daily life, including work and relationships.

For some people, it can have much more severe symptoms than in others and negatively impact their lives on a day to day basis.

Depression is often described as:

  •  A shutting down.
  •  A black hole.
  •  Intense feelings of sadness, loneliness, panic, anger and fear. 
  •  Feeling numb. 
  •  Sleeplessness. 
  •  Unable to enjoy your experiences.
  •  Judging what you say or do harshly.
  •  Loss of appetite or overeating. 
  •  Needing to take substances such as drugs and alcohol to manage your feelings. 
  •  A compulsion to self-harm.
  •  Feeling suicidal and having suicidal thoughts.


If you have suicidal thoughts and feelings, then please reach out to the Samaritans on this number: 116 123 

Depression is not a weakness. It takes strength and courage to live every day with depression. Please don’t suffer alone. 

What to do if you think you may have depression:

If you think you may be suffering from any of the issues above, you can start either by contacting a therapist like Cristalle or talking directly with your GP.

Your GP can offer some useful advice and may agree that therapy can help.

Other than working with a therapist, there are a few self-care options that could help with depression:

  • Reach out for help and talk to anymore whom you trust about what you are going through. Connecting with someone you trust can help you feel less isolated and reduce the intensity of the depression
  • Consider your boundaries, by saying no when we are overwhelmed and setting limits we can gain some of our energy back.
  • Take time out and go for a walk around your favourite place. Be gentle on yourself.
  • Meditation can strengthen our compassion and help us regain trust in ourselves.