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Private Therapy Services in London

Cristalle Hayes offers a wide variety of therapy and counselling services at her practices in Mayfair and North Finchley in London as well as some online therapy services which are available to everyone.

Below you can find out a little about Cristalle’s therapy services.

[N.B. Below services are sorted by specific issue, but if you prefer, you can click here to see therapy services by the types of therapy Cristalle offers.]

Click “learn more” to get more details on each service.

If you would like to work with Hayes, simply contact her here to book your completely free consultation call.

Anxiety & Stress Therapy

Everyone faces and anxiety and stress from time to time – but sometimes it can become a serious problem.

Learn how you can manage your stress and anxiety in a healthy way and live a happier life with therapy.

Depression Counselling

Depression can make you feel seriously hopeless – but you are not alone, nor does that feeling have to last forever.

Work through the causes of your depression and get back to feeling better with therapy.

Therapy for Major Life Changes

Life never goes exactly as planned and sometimes things happen that you struggle to cope with.

It can help to talk through your worries with a professional therapist that can give you the space to work through the big issues in your life.

Trauma & PTSD Therapy

Oftentimes it can be well after a traumatic event that you start to feel the emotional effects of what happened – and it can seriously impact your day to day life.

Working with a private therapist can give you the help you need to cope with your trauma and reduce the negative impact it has on your life.

Individual Relationship Counselling

Going through a divorce, struggling in a current relationship or simply stressed over never finding “the one”?

Cristalle offers one to one, personal therapy that can help you to deal with the emotional pain, reveal underlying issues and help you regain happiness.

Grief Counselling

Grief can make you feel extremely hopeless, isolated and empty. Losing someone close to you can completely change your life – but it doesn’t have to ruin it.

Professional grief counselling could help you regain the confidence to take memories with you, and move on to the next chapter of your life with positivity.