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Online Therapy

The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free
Rollo May

What are the benefits of seeing your therapist online?

Due to the unprecedented times we are living in, seeing your therapist online can give you flexibility, safety and peace of mind.

Online therapy means you can see Cristalle in your own home or familiar surroundings whilst avoiding any travelling.

Online therapy means you can also see you therapist on the go, offering much more flexibility as you can fit it into your busy life. 

Online psychotherapy can benefit those who are self-isolating, shielding or quarantining.

Online psychotherapy can benefit those living in remote places.

Cristalle has much experience and training seeing clients online through a secure platform such as Zoom or Skype.

Online psychotherapy: How can I make the most out of a session with my therapist?

Online therapy means that Cristalle can still be there for you when you are struggling during the pandemic.

Cristalle offers a free video consultation. This allows you the opportunity to test out the platform, meet Cristalle and ask any questions before committing to paid therapy sessions. You’ll be able to discuss how the sessions work, and to talk about contract, payment and cancellation fees.

Here are some tips to making the most of your sessions online.

  •  Test your technology.

    Lockdown has meant many people have had to take a crash course in technology! Figure out which platform your prefer, Skype or Zoom, by doing a test call with a friend. Check your camera, microphone and speakers are working and think about whether you want to use headphones. Cristalle will explore a backup plan for when technology fails. Check your Wifi is working OK and close down any unused apps. Make sure your phone and laptop is fully charged. 

  • Find a private space.

    Find a quiet, private space where you wont be interrupted. Some people find sitting in their car gives them the privacy needed. Play soft quiet music or white noise near the door to make the session even more private. Any concerns around confidentiality must be addressed so please raise this with Cristalle.

  • Find a position that works.

You can still be face to face with your therapist if you have your device at eye level. This can help with the connection with your therapist. Sit facing a window if possible and avoid having light behind you. Have water and tissues nearby. 

  • Make your space safe.

Put an object in your space that can help you feel safe and grounded. Maybe a photo of a loved one or a cuddly toy or cushion or jewellery. Or perhaps light a candle or incense. 

  • Take time out after a session to ground yourself.

 Ending an online session can feel a bit jarring at times. Cristalle will explore and suggest some grounding techniques you can do before and after a session. Try not to go straight into your daily life without taking a moment.