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Types of Therapy Services Available

Cristalle Hayes offers a wide variety of therapy and counselling services at her practices in Mayfair and North Finchley in London as well as some online therapy services which are available to everyone.

Below you can find out a little about Cristalle’s therapy services. If you would like to work with Cristalle, simply contact her here to book your completely free consultation call. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the professional term for what most people refer to as therapy or counselling. Within ‘psychotherapy’ there are many different styles and techniques, but ultimately it is a mental health treatment most often encompassing talking with a professional psychotherapist on a one on one basis (although it can also be in a group format).

Cristalle is trained in existential, psychodynamic and person-centred therapy (all forms of psychotherapy) and depending on the individual and their unique situation, Cristalle will apply a different lens or focus to the session. 

Click a heading below to find out more about each style of psychotherapy.

Using an existential perspective, Cristalle can help with issues around:

-Loneliness, disconnection and relationships


-Identity and sense of self

-Low self-esteem and confidence

-Life transitions

-Self-sabotage and choices



Existential psychotherapy frames the session within a philosophical context and asks questions such as: 

-What meaning do I place on my everyday experience?

-What are my values, choices and freedom?

-How can I take responsibility?

-What does death mean to me?

-What does sex mean to me?

-How do I relate to myself and others?


Existential therapy does not pathologise or seek to label and sees all mental illness as a very human response to living.


What are the benefits of existential therapy?

 -Develop self-awareness

-To gain a sense of our power and autonomy

-Uncover our choices in challenging situations

-Feel less overwhelmed by life’s challenges

-Gain confidence

-Gain a stronger sense of self

A psychodynamic perspective considers that how you behave is determined by past experiences. Cristalle will work with you to help you make sense of your existing situation and associated feelings, thoughts and memories. Your emotions, thoughts, images and dreams can be examined to gain insight into how you relate to yourself and others.

Psychodynamic therapy can help with issues around:

-Work-life balance
-Relationship issues
-Eating disorders and body image

Person-centred therapy creates an empathic and supportive space to share your concerns and struggles without any judgement or attitude that you need to be doing anything differently. Cristalle uses the philosophy that everyone has the potential for growth. Giving the right conditions means that everyone can be loving, creative and knowledgeable.

Cristalle will use the person-centred lens when working with issues around: 

-Low self-esteem
-Suicidal thoughts and feelings of hopelessness

What is EMDR?

EMDR therapy aims to help you work through highly traumatic events in your life using specialist eye movement techniques while recalling traumatic imagery, with the aim to reduce the stress and anxiety these images trigger when brought up unexpectedly in day to day life.

EMDR can help with:


What can give rise to psychological trauma?

-Sexual, physical and emotional abuse in childhood
-Sexual assault
-Domestic violence
-Car accidents
-Natural disasters
-War and conflict
-Medical trauma

Online Therapy

Cristalle is also available on Skype.

While weekly face-to-face sessions are ideal, life doesn’t always work like that, so with this in consideration Cristalle can work over Skype which offers more flexibility for those who may need to travel.

Pregnant Women & New Mothers Support Group

Cristalle is a mother and has deep compassion for the struggles women go through when they are pregnant and then the transition to becoming a new mother. Pregnancy and motherhood can be extremely challenging as well as rewarding and fulfilling. Woman often have to navigate motherhood with their romantic relationships, friendships, wider family unit, sense of identity and career.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, yet many women feel unsupported, and with a lack of village Cristalle will be setting up a support group for pregnant and new mothers to talk about their anxieties, worries and stresses in a compassionate and nurturing environment.

Workshops & Training

With a background in teaching, Cristalle is passionate about sharing her knowledge of psychotherapy and mental health. Cristalle has developed workshops around:
-Basic counselling skills
-Mental health and the music industry
-Imposter syndrome
-Addiction and recovery

Therapy for Music & Creative Industries

Cristalle has many years of experience working within the music industry and also grew up within a musical family. Cristalle has a unique insight into the particular struggles, challenges, stresses and pitfalls of the music and creative industry. Cristalle is also part of The Music Industry Therapist Collective.

Issues facing those within the music industry:

-Impact of frequent touring
-Surviving the success and failure highs and lows
-Chaotic hours
-The threat of career-ending reviews
-Working within a team with differing agendas
-Uncertainty around income
-Maintaining identity
-The impact of social media
-Working with challenging personalities
-Developing an identity
-Creative blocks
-Panic attacks and performance anxiety

Cristalle will work through with you any issues you may be facing with a realistic understanding of what it is like to be part of the music or creative industry.

Useful Resources for those interested in mental health and the music industry: – Music Industry Therapist Collective are a collective of therapists from the UK and USA who have specific music industry experience. – Help Musicians UK is a charity which supports musicians throughout their career and include mental health support – Music Support are a registered charity which provides help and support in all areas of the music industry suffering from alcoholism, addiction, emotional or mental health issues. – Sam Parker is a mental health in the music and creative industries consultant. She offers mental health consultancy to organisations and mental health workshops