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"Angry Mother Assertive Mother" is now available on amazon

You know what it’s like to get overwhelmed and angry with your kids. But did you know you could harness that rage and use it to make a hugely positive impact your life? Even use it to make yourself a better mother?

In her debut book the insightful expertise of psychotherapist Cristalle Hayes guides you through her methodology and techniques for navigating the profound and complex experience of motherhood, helping you manage and use your anger in a constructive way, regain control of your emotions, not get stuck in guilt and so much more.

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Cristalle Hayes Psychotherapist Counsellor London

Meet Cristalle Hayes,
London Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy and EMDR has helped many people from different backgrounds and situations tap into their own strengths and wisdom to overcome and heal from childhood abuse, complex trauma, anxiety and depression amongst other things.

My job as your therapist is to enable you to heal from your pain and trauma. Therapy enables you to tap into your strengths and discover tools to help you live with more ease and confidence. 

I believe that psychotherapy is a great act of self care. A gift to yourself.

 I take your perspectives and pain seriously and hold your world view with compassion. Gently challenging you to seek new ways of thinking and feeling. I don’t believe anyone can be an authority on living your life other than yourself. But I do believe with compassionate reflection and an unbiased perspective you can start to make different choices that serve you better. 

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Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety and stress can plague us all from time to time – it’s a natural human reaction to have. However, in some circumstances, it can get so hard to deal with that it develops into panic attacks, sleep problems, drug and alcohol misuse and more.

Therapy can help greatly; it can help you understand why you become stressed or anxious and help you deal with those feelings before they spiral out of control.


Depression is a human response to painful and challenging situations and trauma.

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and can mean that you are overwhelmed and dealing with too much and need space to talk and to heal. Therapy can help you understand, deal with and ease your depression.

Trauma & PTSD

When we experience something terrible, shocking and unexpected it can have a lasting impact on us. Normal reactions to traumatic events include feeling angry, guilty, helpless, hopeless, fearful and stressed. 

Whilst these reactions are totally normal, they can be very difficult to cope and live with. Whether it is a single event trauma or multiple, more complex trauma, therapy can help you make sense of your experience and give you the space to heal and recover.

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Cristalle will start your therapy journey with a 50 minute free zoom consultation. This is an opportunity for us to understand what brings you to therapy, what you feel you need and the best way forward. 

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Tell Cristalle what brings you to therapy and what you would like out of your sessions. Ask any questions or express any worries you may have about therapy.

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Cristalle will tell you how she works, your different options for therapy and what kind of results you should expect.

Don't feel obligated

You will never feel obligated to buy into a session - different therapists work for different people and it's important that you find the right fit for you. Cristalle actually insists on 6 week reviews with every client to give you the chance to assess the results.

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