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Do you sometimes get overwhelmed and angry with your kids? Are the expectations of motherhood all-consuming?

If you are navigating this profound and complex experience, looking for more inner acceptance, assertiveness and ability to change what isn’t working, this book provides the strategies and support that helps you get there.

ANGRY MOTHER Assertive Mother reviews the mother’s role and gives you techniques to control and use your anger in a constructive way, and practice restorative compassion and self-care.

Read this book to understand:

Maternal anger and how not to get stuck in guilt

How to regain control of your emotions

Your unique triggers and how to recognise and anticipate them

Ways of expressing your anger safely and modelling assertiveness instead of rage

The need for self-care and compassion after episodes of maternal rage

“Why is it so hard for a mother to say she is angry? What is it within us, within society that makes this so taboo? Angry Mother Assertive Mother lifts the lid on this maternal pressure cooker to explore what’s really going on and suggests ways of navigating these explosive (and very normal) feelings. For the angry voice inside us all, this is a welcome addition to the shelf of typical parenting books.” – Dr Charlotte Hatton, Chartered Educational Psychologist, HCPC Registered


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